As we are in the last mile of what has been an exhaustive and challenging time with the pandemic, Council, Staff, and I, recognize the many hardships endured over the last 18 months. While everyone experienced their own unique struggles and triumphs, we also know there was lots of good that was done in the Caledon Community since Winter of 2020. From diaper and mask drives, to the outpouring of positive messaging on windows, mailboxes, bumper stickers, and flags, to community bike rides, business openings, and even gold medals, the Caledon Community has once again put their heart and soul into supporting each other.

The waves of kindness throughout our Town are what makes this such a special place to live, own a business, and visit. As we see out the remainder of COVID-19 lets keep that momentum and remember to love and value each other, and most importantly, stay safe.