Smoke and Mirrors

At Regional Council last week, I spoke to a delegation that was asking Regional Council to withdraw any and all support for the multimodal GTA West Corridor. And in what I recently heard as a “Fast Food Politics” type of move, the majority of Council did just that.

My position for supporting and protecting a future multimodal transportation corridor has been clear and consistent, it is to protect our existing communities and road networks and to prepare for the growth that is coming.

That growth will be significantly driven by immigration and that is a statement of fact. Since 1946 immigration is correlated with growth in the GTA. Immigration has and will continue to play a significant and vital role in the development of complete communities and job growth in a healthy and inclusive way.

For those looking to take my comments, twist them to suit another narrative are playing dirty politics for the purpose of damaging my professional reputation.

I stand with my head held high, knowing who I am and what I stand for.

I stand for Caledon today and in the future.