Let’s GO Caledon !

Over the past year, we have been working towards monumental decisions in order to continue prioritizing and bringing innovation into our community and its future. This has included direct efforts to protect the lands that will one day house a Caledon GO Station, a landmark that will provide essential transit service in our town. With the recent implementation of a Ministerial Zoning Order at the request of Town Council to ensure this, I am excited about the future of our community and the opportunities that a modernized transit system will bring to current and future residents, as well as our business sector.

Caledon is the only region in the Greater Toronto Area without direct access to GO train service. Accessible, affordable transportation between Caledon and the GTA will greatly shape our future in numerous ways and mark a major step in our town’s evolution.

GO train service in Caledon will bring a safer and more accessible transportation option to travellers. It will help decrease road congestion and driving hazards in our community, and instead support a more environmentally sound and inclusive option that allows for safer travel to and from the GTA. Decreasing road congestion will be especially important as our community continues to grow.

Beyond safety, a GO transit system will help support a thriving local business sector. In a post-pandemic world, transit will create an easy way for visitors to access all that Caledon has to offer, from our breathtaking landscapes and natural green spaces, to our quaint hamlets and villages. It will also bring new customers for our businesses, helping local business owners flourish. Our local businesses will benefit from the possibility of expanding their pool of talent as the transit system will make it easy for workers from other areas to access employment opportunities in the region.

Our business community can also benefit from growing trends such as reverse-commuting. And as more young people and families consider relocating from the GTA, there is a renewed interest, only strengthened by the pandemic, in spending more time in nature-centric areas like the setting we occupy here in Caledon.

The opportunities are endless when presented with the possibility of a GO train system in our town. Let’s embrace this opportunity to play an active role in planning the future of Caledon. I am excited about the possibilities this brings, including establishing a modern, transit-supported community in Caledon.

This is the first step. We are building this community together and your say is critical. I am confident in the future of Caledon, and look forward to working with residents and community builders on ensuring our future is driven by innovation, collaboration, and our long-term prosperity.