Connecting Caledon

The journey to connecting Caledon to affordable, reliable high speed has been much like the scenic roads we are so well known for, lots of twists and turns. We are moving ahead

I know personally the frustrations felt by residents and businesses at the lack of high speed. And I know this has been amplified with the need for many of us to learn, work and socialize virtually during the pandemic.

Access to high speed is essential and that’s why we took the unusual step as a local government in starting a petition asking our Federal and Provincial representatives to deem it as an ESSENTIAL service.

The Town of Caledon broadband map shows Town-provided free WiFi locations, information about constructions projects to improve broadband, as well as data about internet performance across Caledon. View the map

We are going to continue to take aggressive and innovative steps that will address our service gap areas and help us to realize our goal of a fully connected Caledon.