“Racism is also a Deadly Virus”

I received an email from a Caledon Student today asking what I’m doing about racism in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the United States. She said in her email to me that “Racism is also a Deadly Virus”. That really hit me, it also gave me hope that our young people today are going to help us eliminate racism once and for all. Below is my reply to this Caledon student and social justice advocate. #CaledonCares

Thank you for the email and for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  The death of George Floyd was a horrific, shocking and violent crime. It has brought forward again, and I pray for the last time, the reality and shame of racism. I think you said it so well that racism is a deadly virus.

Peel Region is celebrated for its diversity and as a member of Regional Council and Mayor of Caledon, we work hard to ensure that all of our services, programs and policies are centered around inclusion, equity and the rights for all citizens to live without discrimination.  However, as local government leaders, we need to do more than just say all the right things.  We must: have zero tolerance, allocate money and resources to address the root causes of racism which include poverty, opportunity, community connectedness and education. We need to work with and consult residents from every demographic on what works and what doesn’t and we need to keep this in the forefront and never, ever forget the lives lost, like George Floyd, in the pursuit of equal human rights for all.